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Coventry® Garden Wall

Coventry Garden Walls are ideal for planters and other light duty uses.

English Garden Wall™

EP Henry English Garden Walls are an economical choice for small planter and garden wall designs.

Coventry® Wall

EP Henry Coventry Walls have a distressed look that offers a charming, rustic appearance for any classic home.

Conventry® Wall III

The EP Henry Coventry Wall III system is incredibly versatile, with three lengths, two heights, and a variety of design options in both single and double sided walls.

Tudor Wall™

EP Henry Tudor Walls offer a formal look that's sure to impress.

Terrace Wall™

EP Henry Terrace Wall is a medium-sized block that offers strength and durability for your average-sized job.

Conventry® Wall Plus

EP Henry Coventry Wall Plus provides a rustic look and is designed for heavy-duty and above-average applications that require more stability and strength.

Mesa® Wall

EP Henry Mesa Retaining Wall is both heavy-duty and aesthetically pleasing, making it ideal for both commercial and residential construction.

Diamond Pro™ Wall

EP Henry Diamond Pro Wall is a cost-effective solution for a broad range of residential and commercial retaining wall projects.

Vertica™ Wall

EP Henry Vertica Retaining Wall is perfect for bringing aesthetic appeal to tall walls and tight spaces.

Double Sided Coventry® Wall

EP Henry Double Sided Coventry Wall is a beautiful free-standing wall solution with an aged, rustic appearance.

Double Sided Tudor Wall

EP Henry Double Sided Tudor Wall is a popular option for designs that call for a crisp, clean look.

Imperial Rustic Double Face Wall

EP Henry Imperial Rustic Double Face Wall is an affordable and versatile choice for seating, raised patios, fire pits, columns, and garden and retaining walls.

Imperial Marquis™ Wall

The new EP Henry Marquis Wall is a striking, cost-effective choice for a variety of single sided applications.

Imperial Woodgate Wall

EP Henry Imperial Woodgate Wall is an economical choice for small planter and garden wall designs.


Colors and sizes may vary