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Bristol Stone®

EP Henry Bristol Stone pavers are ideal for paving any area and provide a lightly textured, beautiful surface.

Bristol Stone® Smooth

EP Henry Bristol Stone Smooth pavers offer a completely smooth surface for patios, walkways and pool decks.

Chiseled Stone™

EP Henry Chiseled Stone pavers are virtually indistinguishable from natural stone thanks to their signature cleft texture and a rich color palette.

Devonstone® Saw Cut

EP Henry Devonstone Saw Cut truly captures the beauty of quarried stones such as bluestone, green slate, and brownstone.

Lastra 20mm Porcelain Tiles

Lastra porcelain pavers offer a natural look that's an excellent choice for any modern Hardscape design.

Brick Stone

EP Henry Brick Stone Pavers combine the traditional elegance of brick with the durability of EP Henry Pavers to make lasting impressions on paths, patios, and pool decks.


EP Henry Danbury Pavers combine the look of classic wood decking with the durability of EP Henry Pavers.

Danbury® Smooth Plank

EP Henry Danbury Smooth Plank Pavers create a clean, contemporary look.

Forma™ Stone

EP Henry Forma Stone borders make it easy to create beautiful straight and curved borders.

Old Towne Cobble®

EP Henry Old Towne Cobble Pavers add new dimension to your home with a look that's been popular since Roman times.

Village Square®

EP Henry Village Square pavers create a smooth, clean-cut look.

Coventry® Stone I

EP Henry Coventry Stone I pavers offer an aged, rustic look that's both classic and distinguished.

Coventry® Brick Stone

EP Henry Coventry Brick Stone pavers create a classic look that's perfect for traditional homes and historic neighborhoods.

Society Hill Brick Stone™

EP Henry Society Hill Brick Stone pavers create a beautifully weathered look that captures the feel of historic districts and homes.

ECO™ Paver

EP Henry ECO Pavers look great while providing environmental benefits and local regulatory stormwater solutions.

ECO™ Cobble®

EP Henry ECO Cobble offers a beautiful and versatile solution to stormwater runoff control.

Turf Paver

EP Henry Turf Pavers leave space for grass growth, and allow rainwater to percolate back into the ground.


EP Henry Monoslab Pavers allow grass growth and rainwater to percolate back into the ground.

Imperial Rittenhouse™ Paver

The new EP Henry Imperial Rittenhouse paver collection evokes classic beauty and charm, and comes in three new colors for additional style versatility.

Imperial 3 Piece Modular

EP Henry Imperial 3 Piece Modular Paver System has three distinct paver sizes scaled to fit together effortlessly, giving you a natural, random look.

Imperial Cobble Stone

EP Henry Imperial Cobble Stone pavers are reminiscent of surfaces from Old World roads and can be used to create a variety of patterns.

Imperial Rustic Cobble Stone

EP Henry Imperial Rustic Cobble Stone offers a weathered cobble look through a sophisticated texturing process that provides a time-tested, aged finish.

Imperial Bullnose

EP Henry Imperial Bullnose provides a perfect accent for steps, walls or pool coping.


Colors and sizes may vary